1 Oct Castromaior to o coto

24 km

Left at 8 to get ahead of coach parties.
It was a lovely walk through country lanes and moorland type tracks but ended up walking by roads again.
I past a modern swish albergue today which in 2009 when I walked last time was a sweet shack with tree stumps for chairs, times have changed. It still feels like I’m walking through farmland in Wales.
We are now in A Coruna province leaving behind Lugo. Apparently now firmly in the seafood zone with its speciality of octopus 🐙. There are many legends here but they are so similar to others in other countries that I won’t write about them. Similar to the cockerel one in saint Domingo ( one exactly the same apparently on the Camino norte).
My hotel tonight is lovely and run by ex pats Swiss.

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