10th Sept Najera to Granon

10th Sept
Najera to Granon
24.76 km
7.5 hrs
33 Deg
sun with no cloud cover

We started early as the heat is building up till Monday when it will break with rain and more manageable walking weather.
Najera is built on red rock, very similar to Devon. It is sandy soil and pine trees not what you think the rioja wines would grow on. Strangely only a little way out we were walking on clay again.
It was a long day with no shade or breeze.
We stopped for a snack in Ciruena and had a quick look around another blingy church.
Walking on to Santo Domingo de la Calzada where we had chicken and chips! The cathedral here I remember from my last walk has a strange folk tail.
There is a cage high up with cockerals in .
The story is that a German family were on the Pilgrimage and stayed with a farming family. The daughter tried to seduce the German son but he refused her. For revenge, she hid silver items in his backpack and accused him of theft and he was found guilty and hanged.
His parents continued on and stopped on the way back and were delighted to find him alive, still hanging in the noose, claiming the saint held him up so he did not die. The family hurried to the magistrate to demand the boy be cut down as he was innocent. The magistrate shouted ‘ why, he is no more alive than this roasted chicken I am about to eat’. At this, the chicken stood up and miraculously brought back to life,feathers and all and crowed.
now if the cock crows whilst you are there it will bring you luck on your journey.

I am afraid my foot is suffering a little so we took a bus the last 8 km and as it is going to be 36 Deg tomorrow and no shade again I am going for a rest day. I want to be fit for Monday’s walk as there are some interesting places to visit.

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