1st September 2022

After a short train journey (and slow) from Bayonne we reached StJean pied de Port to start our Camino.
It was pretty quiet apparently compared to yesterday where 200 pilgrims left.
It was a hard slog uphill for basically the 8 km walked today.On the positive side we used 1726 Kcal and walked 17877 steps( my feet told me).
So we walked an elevation of 800 in 2hrs 30 mins.
washed clothes but they are not drying so I will have to pin them on my rucksack tomorrow.

View from our accomodation

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  1. Margaret Marshall

    Looks like you stayed at Auberge Orisson … how was the evening meal? Did everyone share their stories about who and why they were on the Camino? Great views from this spot. Hope you enjoyed a good night’s sleep via squeaky bunk bed! Bueno Camino, Jenny enjoy all your experiences.

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