2 nd October

O coto to aurzu
20.5 km

Walked with Camino uncles today as needed a slower walk as overdid it yesterday.
Walked by roads,through eucalyptus forests but was very up and down ( really steep in some places).
Although initially farming ,later turned to more industrial. Also groups of coach groups ( you can tell as clean shoes and white clothes).
We walked through melide which contains Neolithic dolmens and prehistoric castrum, suggesting that the area was a prehistoric settlement. Now days ,it is well known for ‘Pulpo a la Gallega’ boiled octopus served with olive oil, paprika and a hunk of bread.
Arzua where we are staying is pre Roman and when the area was reconquered,it was populated with Basque people. It is dairy country and known for its creamy cheese.
We are not seeing anyone we initially walked alongside. Some were not walking the whole trail,others have given up or took rest days so are behind us.
Interestingly there seems to be many police patrolling as apparently some solo women travellers have been attacked.

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