25 th September

16 km
4 Deg to 16
Molinaseca to cacabelos via ponferrada.
Lovely weather for walking today.
We walked to ponferrada via sides of road which was not too interesting watching the hunters and their hounds ,I assume chasing deer.
Ponferrada was very closed as it was Sunday. We pasted a beautiful castle which was built in the 13 century over a destroyed Visigoth fort ,which was built over a Roman fort , which was built over a pre Roman castro. Soon after completion,the Templars were banished.
We decided to take a 20 min bus to outside of city to save more pavement walking.
We had a lovely walk through vineyards and past some old relics from past wine makers but the view of Galicia’s mountains in the background.
We are staying in a sweet village now out of castilla y leon and now in el Biezo region.

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