27 th September

Vega to Linares via cereobrio
21.3 km
10 Deg to 17
we started off about 830 and it was cloudy but mild.
It looked very wet over the mountains,so rain gear to hand and warm hat.
We walked on a steady incline for 5 km then climbed for about 10 km . It was pleasant and the path easier on our feet as had rained. Luckily,we missed the showers. We past some horses ( which you can hire to take you to the top). They looked a little sad and thin ,it’s a shame.
We reached o cereobrio in the sun and wind. I was so pleased as last time it was in the driving rain.
Had lunch , and continued to Linares. Tomorrow it’s up a little way but the down hill. The forecast is rainfor the next few days. We have been so so lucky so far withtbe weather.

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  1. Margaret Marshall

    Loved O’Cebreiro and the little church at the top -great views. It is great to be reminded of all these aspects of the walk. You are very diligent with your blog … well done

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