3rd sept Walked from Burgette to zubrir

2400 kcal
18.10 km
6 HR
After a lovely hotel stay( no albergues or bunk beds ( yea) we started later at ,9 am
Lovely walk ,mainly through forests ,lots of ups and downs on trails and paving.
Unfortunately my bunion started to play up but a lovely Camino fairy named jack from America (77 years old!,)
Came to my rescue with an American blue patch that really worked.
So continued on. The main interest on this walk ( if you can call it interest was the steep decent over knife sharpe rock formations. If you fell here you would really slice yourself badly.
Thank goodness for poles.
Many pilgrims bus it if their knees are Dodgy.
Arrived at Zubrir over a lovely bridge. Apparently it’s called the rabies bridge.This was named after the tradition that if animals are led over 3 x ,it would protect them from getting rabies. This comes from a legend that the builders of the bridge in the 15 th century,dug into the rock to place the central pillar and found an embalmed body.It turned out to be Santa Quiteria ( patron saint against rabies ,).
So many pilgrims today on the trail many who had not booked accommodation and ended it busing to Pamplona ( our next stage) as even the next village was booked out.
I had booked the whole journey in may phew.

2 thoughts on “3rd sept Walked from Burgette to zubrir”

  1. Margaret Marshall

    Wow, staying in a hotel, most indulgent Jenny! Pleased you found a Camino fairy to rescue your bunion – having ‘painless’ feet when taking on the Camino is so important. We met a girl being helped back to the road with a fractured arm possibly from a fall on that rocky part of the track … glad you coped with well. Accommodation in Zubiri was a problem when we arrived there, I slept on a top bunk next to a German guy and had trouble getting down during the night to visit the loo! Pete was given a spot in a large community hall all on his own. Not a great experience but memorable.

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