4 th sept Zubrir to Pamplona

5:37 hrs
20.86 km
Weather 25 Deg and humid.
As zubrir is just an industrial town, the walk today took us past the huge magnesium plants. We walked along the valley and up the other side ( unfortunately in full sun).
Walked through lovely hamlets stopping at a little bar to eat a slice of an amazing tortilla.
Then hit the outskirts of Pamplona and walked in which was approximately 4 km of shops etc ,town walking. Arrived at the old city , had the most amazing meal ( made a change from the pilgrim menu of soup,chicken or salmon and ice cream ).
Had an afternoon off as arrived about 1 . After the usual shower rest ,we want out in the city. It was lovely to see whole families just having coffee and strolling ( it is Sunday).

2 thoughts on “4 th sept Zubrir to Pamplona”

  1. Margaret Marshall

    Doing well Jenny. Pamplona gave you some downtime to enjoy. We loved the way Spanish families from the littlest to the oldest family member all go out together as a group into the town square in many of the villages and towns. It sounds like the Camino routine is being established. That is early start, walk til a suitable break emerges, have a bite to eat, continue til destination, boots off, shower, wash clothes, rest, then out for a drink and eventually find food, then back to bed and hopefully a good sleep. Repeat each day!!

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