5 th Sept Pamplona to puente la Reina

25 km
7 hrs

today’s walk was a killer.
Long hot walk .
Again walking out of Pamplona was long but after about 4 km saw the wind turbines in the distance ( our route,).
We walked next to wheat fields, sunflower and by almond trees.
We headed up slowly to the highest point Alto de Perdon.
755 m elevation.
It was dominated by 40 wind turbines.You could see why as so so windy. Apparently the electric company erected the statue you can see depicting a band of medieval pilgrims.
Coming down could only be described as dangerous and steep, on rocks and pebbles. So relieved to get down safely.
The rest of the walk was up and down but in searing heat and quite unbearable as there was also the added reflection from the white stone path.
Finally ,after gritting my teeth and just putting one foot in front of the other arrived at my albergues. It had AIR CONDITIONING yeaaa and lovely So tired I’m off for an early night as again 7 am start

2 thoughts on “5 th Sept Pamplona to puente la Reina”

  1. Margaret Marshall

    It certainly sounds like a grueling day plodding on in 33 degrees of heat. Neither of you is wearing a hat unless you have taken them off for the photos. Not too much shade once you are on that road. I assume you decided not to visit Eunate and it’s circular church which was on a small deviation from the main walk, the heat would have guided your choice to keep going along the straight route, I guess. Pleased you found a place with air-con after such a day, not many had it back in 2009.

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