7 th sept Estella to Los acros

23.76. km
7 hrs
26 Deg light cloud covering lovely

Estella to Los acros

Wonderful cool start today.
We walked out of small town
And hit the trail. Just a little way up was an amazing forge. The artist was selling trinkets but they were lovely. We all obviously bought some! Joined up with Ingrid from Germany again today and walked all day with her.
Adam saddler lookalike (in the Waterboys) went past but oh my goodness ,you can see where Adam gets his characters from. ( This time Wisconsin). He talked rubbish and then walked on shouting America’s beating the English!
We have met so far many lovely people but also many nutters.
We arrived at the iconic Camino wine fountain so had to try it.
Lynda said it tastes like Beaujolais Nouveau but with more energy and needs to lay down for a few years.
We spoke to our hotel owner who said the wines this year should be good as grapes had little water so more concentrated. My daughter who has a lot of knowledge about wines said that the vines have to work harder in the drought so again it is more concentrated.
There was not much else today apart from wheat fields and vineyard and more wheat fields. Finally reaching Los acros we went into the church. I had been before but they must had added to the bling that was already there . I had forgotten how blingy it was.
We had a meal with our Camino uncles jack and ed from America who were lovely and told us all about time in the marines in Vietnam.
The Camino let’s you meet people from all different backgrounds and countries. It’s just an amazing experience.

1 thought on “7 th sept Estella to Los acros”

  1. Margaret Marshall

    Hi Jenny

    Just catching up with your travels as have I been out of action for a bit following a trip on the golf course, falling flat on my face and injuring my shoulders!!
    I’m pleased to see you stopped for the free wine, it was such a novelty, though not that good a drop. It was in Estella that we first met Mienke & Jocelyn who we kept bumping into all the way to Santiago.
    The Irache church was lovely …

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