9th Sept Logrono to najera

Rioja country for you wine lovers
31615 steps
20.57 km

26 Deg sun with some cover.

Lovely walking out of logrono today as after the initial towny bit we walked through a nature reserve. It was a lovely change from wheat fields and vines. There were numerous tame red squirrels asking for nuts etc.
We passed many many vines ,walnuts trees, pomegranate trees and olives.
Found out some interesting facts about rioja wines.
They produce 250 million litres annually mostly from the Tempranilla grape.
There are 4 classifications of the wine
Rioja is the youngest and aged less than 1 year
Crianza is aged at least 2 years and at least 1 year in oak barrels
Rioja Reserva aged 3 years and 1 year in oak barrels
Rioja Gran Reserva is aged 3 years and at least 2 in oak.

So reached najera after lunching in ventosa and catching a taxi and found there is a fete tonight with each bar in competition for the best Pintas ( other areas call them Tapas) so we shall be popping out.

I am so glad Lynda and myself spent so much time booking our accommodation for the whole trip as there literally is none left.
Apparently according to our hotel chappy people are having to sleep in the parks and on streets.

We have also found the 20/22 km is enough in this heat. It is expected to reach 36 Deg on Sunday.
If the route has more shade it’s possible to walk further but to date we have not had that luxury.

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