Friday 23

Astorga to Rabanal del camino
20 km
11 Deg to 17 km

I started walking about 1 km but unfortunately after bruising my heel on a stone yesterday, I decided to rest it and caught a taxi.
The taxi took me past the trail so lovely . I want to be fit to walk tomorrow as its uphill to the highest point on the Camino and where the cross is that you leave your stone that you bought with you from home. Most people right on it , and supposed to signify leaving things behind and starting fresh . I’m afraid I couldn’t carry a stone that big!
We are staying in a lovely albergue today and looking forward to attending a Gregorian chant service at 7 tonight by the monks from the Benedictine Abbey of
San Salvador del Monte Irago. I remembered it from my 2009 trip.

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