Los Acros to Logrono

8th Sept
Los Acros to Logrono
I had a day off today as I have not slept too well as so hot and noisy here. The Spanish party till 2/3 in the morning and if we are in towns it’s difficult to get to sleep EVEN with ear plugs.
Today was eventful. I was to catch an 8 am bus and took my bag to reception to be collected leaving my phone and rucksack in the room.
Unfortunately someone had left the second key in the lock inside so I couldn’t open the door.
I went to the reception which was closed and had no phone to call them.
So I flagged down a workman and he called.
To cut a long story short, the owner broke in through a window and I missed my bus .
I took the next bus ( which was 1/2 HR late) and had a very exciting ride. We were driving around hairpin bends and the driver was having a heated argument with a passenger whilst driving. Scary!
Finally got to logrono to find the apartment not cleaned so had to sort that out.
We joined up with our Camino uncles and found a lovely restaurant. We had to wait till 730 for service to start. That was okay. BUT the cook did not turn up to 8:30 so we ate at 9 ( and retired to bed at 10) not good for walking the next day.
We didn’t sleep well as there was a fete on in the next street withmusic til 5 am!

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