Mon 12 September

Mon 12 September
18.9 km
24 Deg rising to 30 but cloudy.
Had an amazing breakfast in our castle type accommodation with oat milk and gluten free bread yum.
So later start at 730.
We are walking about 24 km today and weather is supposed to be cloudy.

It was uphill on gravel paths between woodland today and about 24 deg at 9 am but a lively breeze.
Met up with our Camino uncles who are suffering with blisters. I know it sounds nasty but it’s not meant to but even the youngsters are suffering as the ground is so hard. Last time I walked it it was softer paths.
There is a lovely girl we keep bumping into with her sweet dog who just ,when tired will lay down and her faithful dog snuggles up to her. She was the one in the last days blog on the grass. Today we stopped for a tea under some lime trees so I had to take a photo of her.
We arrived at Ages and again as I remember from last time ,a ghost town. Nobody loves there just works for the pilgrim hostels.
It was the same again so walked onto Atapuerca and stopped for a tea. The predicted storm started coming in and was so windy, as the next section is a steep climb and then steep descent,the uncles said they were going to taxi ,so I joined them as my little tor blister is playing up again.
Arrived at our accommodation which is lovely,run by a mum and son and very totnesy but homely with good cheap food.
One of our uncles who is 73 ,slim and very fit lives off hamburgers and lasagne, they have that here so Happy( his name) is happy.
It’s 4 pm and so windy and starting to rain.

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