Monday 19 th

Sad day as Queen’s funeral.
Calzadilla to mansilla de LA’s mulas

Today I bused.
After the 32 km yesterday and walking in the hot sun and the very boring gravelled Roman road and sore feet ,I took the decision to bus.
I had decided that up to 24 km in cooler weather was doable so would bus the rest of the way if it was a 30 km day.
But yesterday it was lovely and cool initially but after 12 got quite unbearable and fly ey .
The ground is so hard after their drought and extremely hot summer that the bottom of many people’s feet were getting bruised or very blistered.
Last time I walked it ,I do not remember so many people suffering ,including myself.

It was a lovely bus ride as went through all the little villages and saw very different scenery to walking on the road.
Arrived in mansilla to a lovely little house and the kind owner left the Tele on for me to watch the funeral ,I was very grateful as I did not want to miss it. In fact I popped over to the pilgrims albergue over the road to get WiFi and they were watching it there. The Spanish owner offered me a class of local rosy ,it was very sweet of her.

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