Orrison to Burgette via Roncesvalles

Orrison to Burgette via Roncesvalles. 2 nd Sept 2022

Last night’s meal was lovely ending with the tradition of everyone standing up and saying why they are walking the Camino . Some people just said a few words other told us their life story urggg.
The walk today was quite long and 16 km uphill but not as steep as yesterday and it was misty so lovely and cool.
Apparently 2 weeks ago they were walking on 42 Deg and many were dehydrated.
Half way up, however,was a pop up farmers shop .He sold tea, coffee, banana,eggs( boiled) and his own BREBIS. Those of you who know me understand I have a cow’s milk allergy so yum.
I did buy 2 packs which unfortunately made my back pack heavier by nearly 1. Kg but BREBIS.
Reached the highest point 1410 m still in mist.
Reached Roncesvalles had a quick cuppa and then went on to a lush hotel in Burgette. This makes tomorrow’s walk only 20km.yea

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  1. Margaret Marshall

    Good progress Jenny and going on to Burgette was a good idea. We stayed in Roncesvalles in the austere Gothic building with hundreds of others (or so it seemed like hundreds) a massive dormitory, so moving on to a lush hotel sounded brilliant. We spent the evening sampling Basque liqueur!! Larrasoana is next, so keep up the good walking! It is exciting to read of your journey. Have you met any interesting characters that stand out yet? Undoubtedly you will!

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