Sat 24 th

Rabanal del camino to Molinaseca.
24 km
4 to 10 Deg
My favourite walk so far in the Cantabrian mountains.
After a lovely uphill climb we reached Foncebadon. If anyone has read the pilgrimage by Paulo Coelho will remember his encounter with the black dog which was in this village.
Actually, Paulo now lives between Tarbes and Pau in France.
It’s amazing, after ,23 days of walking,I noticed how my fitness level has improved, not huffing and puffing going uphills.
To start ,it almost looked like it would rain but the nearer we got to the top, it cleared for magnificent views. We are blessed.
At the top we found the cruz ferro which I explained about yesterday. It was cold though but luckily no rain.
On the way down there was a ‘ modern day knights Templar! They were sent to guard the pilgrims who at that time were wealthy, from the poor locals. They, unfortunately became greedy and were banished.
Tomas considers himself as a modern Templar,the last of his order, and runs a Totnesey albergue with outside ‘ none too private outhouse’.
The way down was very steep and treacherous and after a few villages fellow pilgrims were waiting for a taxi , we joined them. The driver said that half the pilgrims that walk down end up with knee or foot issues.
Reached the really lovely village in of Molinaseca.

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