Sunday 18th

Ledigos to calzadilla de Los hermanillos
31 km
9 Deg to 26 Deg

Had early start as long day.
Left at 630 in the dark with head torches on.
Very cold so even had jacket on.
It was a lovely walk to sahaguin about 15 kn as cool ish and 15 km was in heat in desert type ranch country. Not my favourite walk I must admit . We had to say goodbye to our lovely Camino uncles as they had not previously booked accommodation and had to go way off the route to find some which meant they were taxing back.we should meet up again in a week’s time.
We passed little hobbit type houses which apparently were bodegas ,one each for local families. Strangely there were chimneys in some and a satellite dish. I think they are also used for when the farmer’s wife has had enough of him he gets sent to the man cave!
The remainder of the walk was a pure slog. Before we had shade and flies but today we had the full monty, hot sun and flies which needed to be flapped away as they try to go for your eyes and nose.
Finally arrived at our lovely hotel.

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