Thursday 29 th September

Samos to vilei
28 km
rain. Rain and more rain
We did go to mass last night which was lovely in the monastery but very few pilgrims joined us. It was a shame as it was quite an elaborate service, ending with us being splished with holy water ( we were wet anyway so .).

So, left early in morning in the pouring rain.
The first part of the way was by a busy road and not very exciting,but the way continued through oak forests and was lovely albeit wet. The landscape was changing ,so we’re the cows. Initially,they were light brown with very long horns but we’re changing to a mix of the long horns and some black and white ones, always with a huge guard dog either a Pyrenean type or an alsatian. We arrived at Sarria and stopped at a very rare vegetarian cafe with health food( great for me to stock up on).
Sarria is where the madness starts as it is a major starting point for people who want to walk the 100km minimum to get their Compostela (200km if on bikes). Everyone does the Camino in their own way. There should be no judgement on distance, luggage carrying or bus/ taxi travel. It seems to add to the walk as there are a lot of fresh faces, clean shoes and clothes and a heightened energy compared to the long distance walkers with worn out shoes, grubby clothes an emaciated look and in some cases pongy ( there may be a slight exaggeration there).
Sarria was first documented in the 6 century.King Alphonse 1X died her on his pilgrimage.
Walked on another 4 km to our rather basic rooms.

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