Wed 21 st

Leon to Villar de
22 km
11 to 26 km
Again caught the bus from Leon to a village out of suburbs 8 km and again thank goodness as looked again uncomfortable walking on pavement.
Walked on track again in the meseta country. More wheat fields but more bushes and trees. Actually, Lynda commented on the wild weeds on the side of the road which were called (Hyoscyamus niger). Or henbrane which was /is used by witches. It is very poisonous and apparently caused hallucinations and makes you feel like you are flying.
Arrived in mazarife to our hostel ( hovel).
You could hear the music play from down the street, the bar looked dirty and there were loads of photos all over of people mooning. Also, funny enough, there were loads of models in the ceiling of witches flying!
We got our room number, no key, and saw our room and both said nooooooooo.
So we called a taxi and went to next town as this village only had the albergue and a cafe with a stroppy owner in.
This would work out well as it was a 31 km day tomorrow and we both had decided to bus the first half and walk in to Astorga .
So glad we did as lovely accommodation and we bumped into our Camino uncles who needed help with a bad knee.

So we arrived at hospital de orbigo by taxi. We walked to the beautiful Gothic bridge but it had two legends for the same bridge.
It is the site of a jousting competition.
1.aparently the Knights Templar came to guard the bridge to help pilgrims but it ended up as a competition to see who was the strongest ( typical males).
2.Don Suero de Quinines ( a knight was rejected by the woman he loved. in his heartbreak,he locked his neck in an iron collar and said he would not take it off untill he defeated 300 knights in jousting. He did and took off the collar and made the pilgrimage to Santiago.
Believe which one you want to!

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